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The Top 10 Reasons Why Cyclists Should Start Indoor Cycling

Why should cyclists use indoor cycling for their training?Indoor Cycling classes are an ideal place to work on proper cycling technique and provide a traffic-free environment that can go a long way toward replacing the on-the-road experience. It’s a great place for cycling novices to improve ten aspects of cycling that will quickly make them a better rider.

The Indoor Cycling Addiction: Cardioholics

Indoor Cycling Addiction by Sandy Lopez of Club Fitness AddictionSandy Lopez, Club Fitness Addiction gym owner and indoor cycling instructor, explains her style and background in indoor cycling. See how her indoor cycling class has evolved since she opened her gym in 1998. 

Proper Cycling Technique and Form on the Indoor Cycle

Perfect your cycling form for indoor and outdoor training!Over the past 10 years while teaching over 5,000 hours of indoor cycling classes throughout various fitness facilities across the USA, I have found that in order to get the best workout on a bike, you must have the right technique whether you are cycling indoors or outdoors.

How Bike Sway Contributes To Enhanced Leg and Core Strength

How bike sway contributes to enhanced strength.

Many cyclists can go back and forth on arguing this subject but all in all the swaying produces the best core and total body workout. Plus just watch a finish line finish on the tour de france below.. just for fun and to win any argument!

The Top 5 Indoor Cycling Exercises

Jack Nunn describes the top 5 indoor cycling exercises.If you're looking for rapid fat loss and conditioning levels, you need to be using these top five indoor cycling exercises used by Ironman and Powerhouse Fitness gym owner Jack Nunn.

It's All in the Mix: Hybrid Training Programs for Indoor Cycling

Hybrid Training for Indoor Cycling by Susan JansonIf you're looking for an intense 60-minute workout, you can't beat indoor cycling classes. But if you're looking for something that incorporates more muscles and areas of fitness (strength, flexibility, mobility, agility, etc)? Enter Hybrid Training Programs. Find out how Kick It Up gym owner Susan Janson switches up her indoor cycling classes with hybrid programing.

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