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Turbo Lean Evo Fitness Bike Workout

Turbo Lean Evo Fitness Bike Workout by Scott Spencer, United Kingdom, Tuesday, 09 April 2013

Scott Spencer, trainer and fitness model, demonstrates a high intensity cardio workout on the Evo Fitness Bike. The workout involves two sets that involve high rpm sprints combined with a rapid sway motion using the Core Active Sway Frame featured on the indoor cycle. Rather than fighting your natural body movement while you work, the Evo encourages working your core muscles as demonstrated by Scott Spencer.

Workout Video

About the Trainer

UK Trainer and Fitness Model Scott Spencer

Scott Spencer

I am a model in the UK (have been on covers of both Mens Health and Mens Fitness) and constantly get asked how I keep in shape... and exercise bikes (now exclusively your EVO CX exercise bike) play a huge part in my overall training (HIIT training of sorts). Find out more.

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