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Suspension & Indoor Cycling Core Workout

Suspension & Indoor Cycling Core Workout at Area 44 Fitness, Thursday, 14 March 2013

Mary K. Ludlow, trainer at Area 44 Fitness in El Segundo, California, demonstrates a core strength and conditioning workout using the Evo Fitness Bike (Evo ix) and a suspension trainer called Hanger 44. This high intensity workout targets core muscles while also challenging your endurance.

Workout Video

Workout Instructions

A1: Standing Intervals - 3 x 60 sec
A2: Suspended Side Plank Reach - 3 x 60 sec
B1: 1-Arm Standing Climb - 3 x 60 sec
B2: Suspended Pike - 3 x 60 sec
C1: Standing Hill Climb - 3 x 60 sec
C2: Suspended Swing - 3 x 60 sec

About the Trainer

Mary Ludlow of Area 44 FitnessMary K. Ludlow is all about helping friends, family and clients get healthy and fit. After that, everything else falls into place! She has a BA-Athletic Training; Post-Graduate Business Marketing the following certifications: CSCS- NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist; CNC- Certified Nutrition Coach; Viper; Hanger 44 Suspension. She specializes in Medicine Ball Training; Suspension Training; Rehabilitation; Sports Specific Training; Stabilization Training: balancing strength, flexibility, and power. Find out more.

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