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Indoor Cycling Hybrid Strength Workout for Women Part 2

Indoor Cycling Hyrbid Workout Part 2

Trainer and Kick It Up Gym owner Susan Janson demonstrates a strength and conditioning routine which incorporates both indoor cycling and weight training. This is Part 2 of the 5 part workout.

Workout Video

Workout Instructions

Round 2: Speed

Bike Interval

A: Speed Circuit - 90 – 110 RPM in the Saddle for one minute, 80 – 100 RPM out of the saddle for one minute, 90 – 110 RPM out of the saddle for one minute, recovery at 70 – 80 RPM for one minute (8 minutes)

Strength Interval

B: Clock Lunges Bicep Curl - 3 Minutes
C: Tricep Dip - 1 minutes
D: Bicycles - 1 minute

About the Trainer

Susan Janson, Owner of Kick It Up Indoor Cycling Studio in Long Beach, CASusan Janson is the owner and head trainer of Kick It Up, a dance and indoor cycling studio in Long Beach, CA. Susan began dancing at age 4 and quickly fell in love with all forms of dance and dreamed of doing nothing else. Having graduated from the Imperial School of Dance at age 14, Susan performed with many professional groups, such as the Southern California Dance Theatre and Rhapsody in Taps. Since 2004,, she has enjoyed teaching the “little ones” all the way up to adults and loves being Miss Susan! Find out more.

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