Evo Fitness Bikes for Cyclists.

The Evo Fitness Bike's natural swaying motion is an ideal solution for cyclist training.

Evo: The Cyclists' Choice

The Evo Fitness Bike will help you gain the strength and conditioning you need to enhance your cycling performance, while also helping you avoid balancing issues when you get back on your cycle.

Imagine this...

It's snowing outside and you can't ride, but you don't want to lose the progress you've made with your riding over the summer. After months of training on a "fixed" indoor cycle, you've practically forgotten how to balance! Worse yet, your cadence and timing are totally off. You've kept your conditioning, but lost your form. You need an Evo.

The Evo Fitness Bike is the ideal training equipment for cyclists.

A Natural Ride, Indoors.

If you're ready to increase your cycling performance without the time requirements and safety hazards present in road cycling, you need an indoor cycle that gives you the same feeling and benefits as your bike does.

Enter the Evo Fitness Bike...

Thanks to the innovative beltless and chainless Orb gear drive system, you get the feel of intermeshing gears, similar to the feeling of rubber hitting the pavement. Add in the RAMP sway frame, and you get a natural, full-body pedaling motion that helps you avoid throwing off your natural riding motion.

Free ebook for indoor cycling.

Free TriCore Indoor Cycling eBook

If you're looking to take your fat loss, strength, and conditioning to the next level with indoor cycling, you need to read this! RFG has partnered with extreme endurance athlete Jack Nunn to create a full body workout.

Indoor cycling with the Evo Fitness Bike will take your cycling to the next level.

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