Evo Fitness Bikes for Indoor Cycling Studios.

The Evo Fitness Bike is the perfect solution for your indoor cycling studio or spin studio.

Offer something unique...

Indoor cycling is one of the most effective and entertaining group class offerings a gym could have. Almost every gym now has some form of indoor cycling at their location. That's why independent gyms, especially indoor cycling studios, need to be able to offer something more than a "typical" spin class.

Style & Workout Effectiveness

The Evo Fitness Bike doesn't just look different, it is different. The unique cantilever frame reflects the ingenuity behind the key advantages of this indoor cycle: the beltless, chainless internal gear drive system and the sway frame. These features mean less maintenance headaches for you and better workouts for your clients.

Less maintenance on indoor cycles means less headaches and more money for your gym.

Less Issues, More Clients

If you've instructed spin classes for any amount of time, you've probably run into a situation where one of your indoor cycles was out of commission due to a faulty component. If your class is full, that missing bike means one less person enjoying your killer indoor cycling session!

More Reliability, Enhanced Workouts

The Evo Fitness Bike was designed by three engineers that witnessed (and have now corrected) the most common breakages and issues that commercial gyms run into with indoor cycles. Their decades of experience have helped them eliminate the need for constant belt or chain adjustments, simple worn-out components like adjustment knobs, and have also led to the development of a durable and innovative sway frame that can add a new dimension to your training sessions!

Free ebook for indoor cycling.

Free TriCore Indoor Cycling eBook

If you're looking to take your fat loss, strength, and conditioning to the next level with indoor cycling, you need to read this! RFG has partnered with extreme endurance athlete Jack Nunn to create a full body workout.

Build the ultimate indoor cycling studio with the Evo Fitness Bike.

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