Evo Fitness Bikes for Cyclists.

The Evo Fitness Bike is the perfect for your home gym.

The indoor cycle refined...

You're ready to get into shape, but you're not a fan of going to the gym and you don't have time to workout outdoors. You just need something to get your heart pumping for 20 minutes a day, and you'd rather avoid buying another unattractive coat rack.

Enter the Evo Fitness Bike...

The Evo Fitness Bike was designed to be seen. The elegant cantilever frame is extremely durable with flowing lines and a high-quality, unique paint scheme. By avoiding the need for belts, chains, or an external flywheel, you get the benefit of an effective indoor cycling workout with the utilitarian looks.

The Evo Fitness Bike is designed to be an attractive home gym solution

Fast, effective workouts.

The Evo Fitness Bike replicates something that no other indoor cycle can: a natural pedaling motion. Cyclists recognize that a natural pedaling motion involves more than just your legs, it involves a full body movement requiring strength, conditioning, and balance to perform correctly, and that's exactly what the Evo Fitness Bike promotes.

Real Feel = Real Workouts

The Evo Fitness Bike is a complete home workout solution because it "feels" like a real bike ride. The intermeshing teeth of the planetary gear drive will give you the feeling of rubber hitting the pavement. Combined with the Evo Fitness Bike's sway frame (available on the Evo ix model), you incorporate core muscles that would be almost unused otherwise.

Free ebook for indoor cycling.

Free TriCore Indoor Cycling eBook

If you're looking to take your fat loss, strength, and conditioning to the next level with indoor cycling, you need to read this! RFG has partnered with extreme endurance athlete Jack Nunn to create a full body workout.

Get the complete home gym solution with the Evo Fitness Bike.

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