Evo Fitness Bike - Evo ix

The Evo Fitness Bike changes the dynamic of the home gym by providing owners with an attractive show piece that looks as good in the living room as it does in the studio. The Evo ix model delivers unprecedented reliability and heart-pumping cardio workouts in an attractive package.

Every Evo Fitness Bike, whether it’s made for the home or a professional gym, contains commercial-grade components. This means that you will rarely (if ever) need to perform maintenance on the bike.

If you’re ready to take your fitness to the next level, the Evo ix will deliver. It is the most affordable Evo option that features the Core Active Sway Frame™ and an Evo computer. Both aspects will provide more challenging workouts, greater fitness benefits, and unlimited training potential. The Evo ix also comes in Pearl or Gunmetal Grey paint variations.

Everybody has heard of indoor cycling and most fitness enthusiasts have tried it. It has been around for decades and the indoor cycle itself, or some variation of it, is a staple in almost every gym in the world. Reinventing something so rudimentary has been a challenge, but RFG has managed to do it with both technology and training methodology.

Evo ix Spec Sheet

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Check out the specific features of the Evo ix, including dimensions, weight, and options. Click Here to Download PDF

Core Active Sway Frame™

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The Evo Fitness Bike’s Core Active Sway Frame™ feature allows a 10 degree sway to either side. This motion has been engineered to enhance your workout by engaging your core and upper body as you pedal.

Choose Your Color

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The Evo ix comes in two color schemes, including Pearl with Orange Accents or a more traditional Grey with Yellow Accents.

Orb™ Planetary Gear Drive

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The Orb™ internal flywheel and brake system ensures a safe, low maintenance ride in a sleek new look that adds a touch of high-class elegance to your gym.

All About Evo

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Learn about the innovative features that make every Evo Fitness Bike unique. We summarize each of the primary features of the Evo line.

InfiniteFit™ Adjustments

Evo ix InfiniteFit Adjustments

The Evo ix comes with a specially designed set of handlebars that allow for the five most commonly used hand positions. The high-quality column enables vertical and a fore/aft adjustments, allowing for a comfortable ride for all users.

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