Feedback for the Evo Fitness Bike

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Feedback for the Evo Fitness Bike

Here's what some of our customers are saying about the Evo Fitness Bike:

Classes have been filling up, already, and we definitely feel that the Evo cycle gives us a competitive edge over the MANY spin studios here in Chicago. People have been loving the sleek design, comfort, easy adjustment features, smooth ride, and of course the sway technology! - Fit Girl Studio Owner

I really like the side to side sway.  The workout is much more challenging and my caloric burn has increased by 180 when I use the Evo bike due to the side sway. My fitness studio is primarily women. They love the look of the white bike - they describe it as clean and looking sleek. The kids here think it looks cool and futuristic. - Kick It Up Gym Owner

My first experience on the Evo Fitness Bike was awesome. I felt [the workout] a lot more through the upper body and core. - St. Jude Charity Event Attendee

The Evo Fitness Bike workout was different from what I usually do, I'm usually completely out of the saddle so you could really feel the sway. It was a good workout! - St. Jude Charity Event Attendee

The Evo workout was intense. I've never done cycling or anything like that before and it was my first try. I'm very sweaty! It was a good overall cardio and full body workout. I enjoyed it. - St. Jude Charity Event Attendee

The workout was awesome! I've never done indoor cycling before so it was intense, but a really good intensity. I liked how it swayed and it was fun to move with it- St. Jude Charity Event Attendee

I've done cycling before but this was a lot more of a challenge. The sway makes it feel more real and it challenges your core a lot. - St. Jude Charity Event Attendee

I love the saddle and the handlebar configuration of the Evo. - YMCA Member

It's fun (not boring), when doing hills! - YMCA Member 

I love the RPM readouts! - YMCA Member

Great workout! Standing felt like a real bike. - YMCA Member

I like the "real bike" swaying feel. - YMCA Member

The handlebars feel great! Much better than the other bikes. - YMCA Member

The Evo feels like it would be more functional to train on for outdoor cycling. - YMCA Member

I like the wobble! - YMCA Member

What do YOU think of the Evo?

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