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No Chain... No Belt...

The Orb™ Planetary Gear Drive System has a compact, single axis design that negates the need for a belt, chain, or external flywheel. It is a completely enclosed, three piece crank with an aligned sun gear.

Core Active Sway Frame

The Core Active Sway Frame™ sways with body movement to engage core muscles in order to get more out of a traditional cardio workout.

Physical Assets Inc.

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Johanne Tummon, owner of Physical Assets began her business in Toronto in an unusual way. In the summer of 1984 I was searching for two things—a good exercise bike and a new idea for a retail store. Eventually I found the exercise bike at a Sporting Goods Store. What  I also found was a  salesperson that knew a little about hockey equipment; a little about golf clubs and fishing tackle but not a lot about exercise bikes. Thankfully I had a general idea of what I wanted, and I was able to trust my instincts. However, I wondered what the everyday shopper was able to rely on to make their decision.

At that time, my brother, John Tummon was the Canadian distributor for Monark exercise bikes and Precor fitness equipment. Stores specializing in fitness equipment were growing in the United States but weren’t situated in Canada yet. With my brother's encouragement and partnering with Susan Asquith we opened Toronto's first specialized and dedicated Exercise Equipment Store on Davenport Rd in September of 1984.

In the beginning, our store consisted of five exercise bikes; three rowing machines; one manual treadmill; a York 2001 weight machine and a Total Gym – no stair machines; no recumbent bikes; no ellipticals and no ski machines. None of these had been invented yet. Still, we dedicated ourselves to understanding our industry and our products inside and out. From the outset we were striving to offer a quality experience for our customers.

The business grew rapidly in the eighties and so did the selection of fitness equipment. Hydraulic rowers were very popular; then came hydraulic steppers; followed by motorized treadmills for serious runners. Back then, a Polar heart rate monitor looked like a Dick Tracy watch and cost $500.00. Today, you can buy a Polar heart rate monitor for $69.95. The industry has grown and products have changed, but we have continued to remain devoted to quality service and value.Who knew that by 2009 we would be able to exercise using vibration!

What was at first thought to be a fad has evolved into a huge and healthy industry; and many people now have a piece of exercise equipment in their home. For shoppers, the difficulty is determining the difference between what sells on late night infomercials and quality equipment that will help you achieve your goals and last for many years. At Physical Assets, it’s our goal to help you understand that difference.

Since 1984, Physical Assets has kept a clear focus on our goals by only offering the best exercise equipment available in each price range, staying clear of the latest gimmicks and by providing the knowledge and expertise that you need to make a purchase with confidence.


  • Street: 110 Avenue Rd
  • City: Toronto
  • State: Ontario
  • Postcode: M5R 2H4
  • Country: Canada


  • Telephone: 416.925.9760
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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