The Top 3 Fitness Products to Add Style to Your Home

on Wednesday, 26 June 2013. Posted in Fitness Product Design

Could these innovative fitness products make your home look BETTER?

The Top 3 Fitness Products to Add Style to Your Home

Many people believe that home fitness products are good for one thing and one thing only, coat racks (just kidding). People usually regulate fitness product purchases into two categories:

#1 I DON'T WANT this fitness product, but I know I need it to get ready for summer, keep from having a heart attack, impress so-and-so, etc.

#2 I WANT this fitness product because the pretty people on the TV told me it will make me look incredible in 15 minutes a week.

The truth is that enhancing your health and fitness level requires time, effort, and patience, but you don't want to hear THAT! So, I will indulge you with another use for these items that you don't really want, but ultimately need to buy: they will look awesome in your home.

As long as you're not actually planning to use them (until you grow up and realize you should for your own good), these innovative fitness products will adorn your home, bringing an element of class, sophistication, and a false sense of commitment to health and longevity. These are things that everyone likes to have (minus the "false sense" part).

With that in mind, I bring you a list of the most innovative fitness products that could brighten your home (and hopefully enhance your health at some point).

MOST AFFORDABLE | Evo Fitness Bike Model ix

Product: Evo ix | Price: $1,299 | Company: Relay Fitness Group | Find out more: Click Here

The Evo ix is the home fitness product of the Evo Fitness Bike product line. Created and styled to look and function different than any other indoor cycle, this fitness product features a completely internal beltess/chainless drive system and flywheel and a unique frame that sways like a road bike being pedaled up a hill.

AFFORDABLE | WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine

Product: WaterRower Classic | Price: $1,495 | Company: WaterRower

There have been several new products that feature an elegant, earthly touch of style by adding wood elements, the WaterRower Classic is one of those fitness products. This home fitness product is hand crafted in solid American Black Walnut and finished with three coats of Danish Oil, giving it a deep lustre. But don't make the mistake of thinking it's a primitive piece of workout gear! It also features the S4 Performance Monitor which will give you all the information you need for an awesome home workout.

VERY EXPENSIVE | Nova Boulder Trainer

Product: Nova Boulder Trainer | Price: ??? | Company: Lunar Europe

While this seems to be more of a design prototype than a finished fitness product, it still offers a radically different approach to the home gym. It features a pattern of cut outs that are lit up with LEDs to guide you through a course. The course can be set with a smart phone. No price is available right now, but plan on spending lots and lots of money.

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