• Activate Your Core

    Core Active Sway Frame™ Technology

    • The Evo sways naturally with each pedal turn
    • Incorporate more core muscles with each push
    • Build a strong core while rapidly cutting fat
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  • Breaking Convention

    NO Chains, NO Belts.


    Orb™ Technology
    Patent Pending Planetary Drive System


    Less Maintenance
    Ride harder, longer.

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  • Time to Tone

    Cardio & Core Workouts Combined


Learn how the Evo Fitness Bike mimics a natural pedaling motion.
See how the Evo Fitness Bike eliminates the need for belts and chains.

Relay Fitness Group Product Catalog 2012

Athletic Business Conference and Expo 2014

Athletic Business Logo

Come check out the EVO Fitness Bike at the Athletic Business Conference and Expo in Orlando, FL - Orange County Convention Center. November 12-14, 2014.  Start 2015 with the most innovative cycling equipment available.  

Health & Fitness Business Expo 2012

HFBLogoCome visit us at the Health+Fitness Business Expo at the Sands Convention Center on September 19-21st. Be one of the first people to try the latest edition to the Evo Fitness Bike product line, the full-commercial Evo cx model.

How to Manage the Highs and Lows of Fitness Training

How to manage fitness training stress.

If you've trained your hardest for any amount of time, be it days, months, or years, chances are that you've hit a snag at some point. Managing the highs and especially the lows of your training cycle can make or break your results. Learn the best ways to manage the tough times with these simple tips.

Adding Core Strength to Your Indoor Cycling Program

Hybrid Training for Indoor Cycling by Susan JansonIf you're looking for an intense 60-minute workout, you can't beat indoor cycling classes. But if you're looking for something that incorporates more muscles and areas of fitness (strength, flexibility, mobility, agility, etc)? Enter Hybrid Training Programs. Find out how Kick It Up gym owner Susan Janson switches up her indoor cycling classes with hybrid programing.

The Top 10 Mistakes in Indoor Cycling

ART Top10MistakesIcon

Are you making one of the most common mistakes in indoor cycling? Find out now! Some of these mistakes can lead to injuries, others make your workouts inefficient and can prevent you from having the best workout possible.

The Top 10 Reasons Why Cyclists Should Start Indoor Cycling

Why should cyclists use indoor cycling for their training?Indoor Cycling classes are an ideal place to work on proper cycling technique and provide a traffic-free environment that can go a long way toward replacing the on-the-road experience. It’s a great place for cycling novices to improve ten aspects of cycling that will quickly make them a better rider.

Latest Workouts

  • Chad Brown

    Area 44 - Evo Fitness Bike and Rope Training Workout

  • Learn how to properly set up the Evo Indoor Cycle.

    Jack Nunn walks you through how to properly set up the TriCore Indoor Cycle, including seat and handlebar adjustments.


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