• Activate Your Core

    Core Active Sway Frame™ Technology

    • The Evo sways naturally with each pedal turn
    • Incorporate more core muscles with each push
    • Build a strong core while rapidly cutting fat
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  • Breaking Convention

    NO Chains, NO Belts.


    Orb™ Technology
    Patent Pending Planetary Drive System


    Less Maintenance
    Ride harder, longer.

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  • Time to Tone

    Cardio & Core Workouts Combined


Learn how the Evo Fitness Bike mimics a natural pedaling motion.
See how the Evo Fitness Bike eliminates the need for belts and chains.

Relay Fitness Group Product Catalog 2012

IHRSA 2014 - San Diego

Come check out the new Evo Fitness Bikes at the IHRSA Show, booth #135 in San Diego, California on Thursday, March 13-14, 2014. Start 2014 with a new way to get into shape! These new EVO bike models will be at the show: G, G+, and X.


HFB/Interbike 2013

Interbike 2013Come check out the Evo Fitness Bike at HFB/Interbike in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 18-20, 2013. Start 2013 with a new way to get into shape!

Indoor Cycling Classes versus Elliptical Training

A common question in cardio: indoor cycling classes versus elliptical machines.You're ready to start getting into shape, but you don't know where to begin! With all the options available at your local gym, which one promises to be the most effective? Read a quick comparison between two of the most popular cardio workouts, indoor cycling classes and elliptical training.

The Return of the Triathlete: A 20-Year Journey

The Return of the Triathlete: A 20 Year JourneyRyan Olson is now a father, coach, and triathlete, but it wasn't always this way. After quitting triathlons over 20 years ago, it took a major transformation to get back in shape and start competing again. Read about his journey.

Beautiful People Don't Just Happen

Cathy Debes guide to lifelong fitness.Cathy Debes has been training since she was 16. Now 51, she knows a thing or two about working out and staying in shape. Read her brief guide to lifelong fitness to see how you can stay fit for life too.

What are the Best Indoor Cycling Shoes?

Best Indoor Cycling ShoeThe one mistake I see so many people make when taking a cycling class is not having the proper cycling attire and equipment. The #1 most important piece of equipment that is overseen by an invidual taking his or her first cycling class is NOT having proper cycling shoes with clips. Without proper cycling shoes you will not burn as many calories.

Latest Workouts

  • Jack Nunn Evo Fitness Bike Swaying Exercise Tutorial
    Learn how to get the maximum benefit from the Evo Fitness Bike's unique sway frame. Jack Nunn walks you through proper sway form.
  • Susan Janson Hybrid Workout for Indoor Cycles.

    Indoor Cycling Hybrid Strength Workout for Women Part 1

    Trainer and Kick It Up Gym owner Susan Janson demonstrates a strength and conditioning routine which incorporates both indoor cycling and weight training. This is Part 1 of the 5 part workout.

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